Data access

The entire archive of AATSR data products is available free of charge from ESA and only requires registration through the ESA Earth Observation Principal Investigator Portal. Details on how to obtain access to AATSR data can be found in the ENVISAT and ERS Missions Data Access Guide. Comprehensive information about the variety of AATSR products can be obtained from the AATSR Product Handbook.

The AATSR LST team is currently working on reprocessing AATSR data using a new and improved version of the LST algorithm. As soon as the processing is completed, data to improved LST products will be made available here.

Data Processing

AATSR LST data obtained from ESA is in a standardised ENVISAT format that can be read using a variety of methods. The most user-friendly operational tool is probably the BEAM Earth Observation Toolbox and Development Platform, which includes a graphical user interface for viewing, processing, and analysing AATSR LST data as well as an API and command line tools.